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Cedric’s Robot Rules

April 15th, 2019 No comments

Nah, not trying to up Asimov.  Just ideas for my robots:

  1. All robots must have a spring-mounted “head”, like 6″ long, so the head bobbles around as the robot moves.
    1. Head ideas: baby doll head, Barbie, GI Joe, poop icon
  2. All robots must make a sound as they’re active.  Should be related to the head (see 1. above), e.g., robot should quack if the head it a duck, etc.
    1. silly sounds allowed; eg, Roomba should say “ouch” when it hits things.
    2. of course, such sounds should be easily mutable.
  3. All robots will have a BRS (Big Red Switch) that will remove energy (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, whatever) from the robot without fail.  This will be a hard-contact on the incoming mains power.  This BRS may include a Molly Guard to prevent accidental power offs.
    1. The purpose of this BRS is to ensure the robots can’t take over the world.  We can always just turn them off.
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