Painted bike lanes are waste of money, say cycling commissioners | Politics | The Guardian

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Magic Mushrooms Effectively Decriminalized In Oakland : NPR

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Seniors face foreclosure in retirement after failed reverse mortgage

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Entheogen – Wikipedia

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Is Iran to blame for suspected attacks on Gulf tankers? | Iran News | Al Jazeera

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Why SpaceX is Making Starlink – YouTube

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OK, so now I get why Starlink is so interesting:

  • 10B$US vs 150B$US for the switch to 5G (and that might just be the fiber build out, no hardware at each end… need to re-watch to know for sure.).
  • done in 10 years, probably in limited form to very spendy customers (stock trading advantages of milliseconds = $$$$)
  • expects revenue to exceed NASA’s budget.
  • expects monthly cost for residential users to be subsidized by very expensive services to extreme time-sensitive users (stock trading is the obvious first adapters)
  • residential user need a pizza box sized, thin enough to mount on a vehicle, attic mounted, 200$US

Ummmm…. if I owned physical plant, or wires in the ground, it might be time to sell.  But what to I know?


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Business idea – small salvage by boat

June 9th, 2019 2 comments

salvage boat idea – get underwater camera, drone, winch, etc., Sonar fishy thing + Navionics (etc) to map floor,

salvage shit, resell scrap, finds, treasures at appropriate places (Kijiji, eBay, garage sale, auction, etc)

service to find things (maybe not recovery of anything large, but at least quickly find).

am I trying to be Nick or Relic of the Beachcombers

federal/prov/eco funding

need to check regs – who owns what?  legality of hauling crap out of waters (like it’s a bad thing?)  – seems like very little law on this, except if salvaging a boat/car/airplane.

can test some ideas with small “fishing” magnet; how much cost to salvage $

As always, someone else has already thunk this up…

Examples of revenue generation:

magnet fishing

Youtube channel (no f#$^%$king way!)

Navionics with Vexilar Sonarphone, $150

Underwater cameras or just use GoPro?  Need to be at least “turnable”, if not fully driveable (like Gladius Mini, etc.).

does Larry (OfKathy) have that underwater camera?  maybe he’s not using it anymore

locating valuable logs

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India Launches 104 Satellites From a Single Rocket, Ramping Up a Space Race – The New York Times

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Source: India Launches 104 Satellites From a Single Rocket, Ramping Up a Space Race – The New York Times

??Part of Plant Link’s PlantScope monitoring constellation (120 satellites)??

Also, love the mention of a cricket term (“century”, for 100 satellites, although what happens to the other 4 are let to the imagination?).

Update: “century” is 100 or more runs in a single inning.  So I’ll permit it.


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Consumers love food delivery apps, but high commissions eat at restaurant owners | CBC News

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Jeff Bezos, divorce, largest cheque evar?

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If Jeff Bezos writes a cheque to his ex-wife for 37B$, would this be the largest cheque ever written?

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