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Americans’ plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows | US news | The Guardian

June 25th, 2019 No comments
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Seniors face foreclosure in retirement after failed reverse mortgage

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Consumers love food delivery apps, but high commissions eat at restaurant owners | CBC News

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Amazon 1-day delivery is the promised “desktop replicator” that was 3D printers

June 6th, 2019 No comments

Asked in /r/DAE…

Example: I just received, in ~24 hours, a small bilge pump. Mostly plastic, about the size of an apple, with a generic 12vdc motor. For ~30$CAN, shipping & taxes in.

I doubt I could buy the filament for that.

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Cryptocurrency pioneer pays $4.57 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett who once said Bitcoin was ‘probably rat poison squared’ | Financial Post

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Mattress buy – PolySleep or Endy? PayBright 0%/0%

June 6th, 2019 2 comments

Anything bad to say about Paybright? A.k.a Health Services Inc?

Thinking I might use them for a new mattress. Either: PolySleep or: Endy

It’s a strange time in the mattress world. If these things are as good as the reviews suggest, at that cost (<1000$C), with 0%/0% financing, free S&H, I wouldn’t want to be Ms. Sleep Country or the owner of large mattress factories.

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Quid pro Quo II – Reducing Guns in America

June 5th, 2019 No comments

TO-DO: verify calcs

TO-DO: find out where the 15m figure comes from….

Assume that reducing the number of guns will reduce gun deaths in the USA.  Seems far-fetched, but humour me…

How about spending 45B$ to get rid of 15m[3] assault rifles, pistols, anything that’s not specifically for hunting (refer to my method for rationally evaluating a weapon’s danger score).  Hereafter referred to as bguns (for bad guns, of course!!).

Must be in working condition; not eligible if rendered irreversibly non-functioning.  My “danger score” method makes this easy… a irreversibly non-functioning gun would have a very low danger score, perhaps similar to a club.

Offer 2K$, amnesty exchange (but ID req’d for payment retails (to prevent criminals???)), for 1 year, starting “now”.  For new (should be easy to determine if shot/never.shot?), must have been purchased before “now”.

Assume the 80/20 rule (we’re talking 2K$ / bgun… I posit many “…my dead hands!” folk would reconsider, especially with semi-auto assault-style rifles <US$750[1], pistols <US$250[2]), we’re left with 0.2 x 15m = 3m remaining.  If it can fire, or can easily be made to fire, it’s worth 2K$.  Cash.  Tax-free.

Then, on the last day, offer a substantially higher buyback ($5K / bgun ) for a limited time (3 months??), and stress this is it; no more amnesty buyback after this.  Assuming again 80/20, we’re left with 0.2 * 3m = 0.6m remaining, at a cost of $US15B for this second round.

So,  in 1.25 years, at a cost of $US45B, a 96% reduction in bguns.

Might need to use a reverse auction; should come out to the same numbers, I think.  Maybe start with $10K / bgun, limited to the first 1 million; advertise like hell that this one-time thing.  Then, the day the first tranche is completed, drop the reward to $2K, now last chance, but if we do it again, it’s $500 or something.


  • did I mention 96% reduction in bguns in 1.25 years?
  • completely up the the owners of the bguns.  Certainly no real conservative would object to what a free citizen can do with their own property.
  • NRA can’r complain, since the government isn’t restricting anything.
  • ???


  • how to keep the 2nd step (increase reward to $10K) secret, otherwise…
  • would need to also ban the sale of newbguns… or, if we only allow existing bguns (if fired, must be accompanied by reciepts to prove it was purchased before the amnesty start date, no excpetions.)
  • ????



  1. Ruger AR-556 Semin-auto Model 8500, US$700.
  2. Ruger LCP Semi-auto 0.308 Pistol, US$200.
  3. Where did I get this 15 million figure from?  I read it somewhere, dammit!
    1. Not here: Slate.


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Paying some piddling carbon tax will do nothing to defend us from what lies ahead: Neil Macdonald | CBC News

May 25th, 2019 No comments
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Reduce, reuse, recycle, rejected: Why Canada’s recycling industry is in crisis mode – The Globe and Mail

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Mines Linked to Child Labor Are Thriving in Rush for Car Batteries – Slashdot

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